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Donnie Bennett is a world class DJ with thousands of successful events under his belt, along with having a hand in the production of over 1,500 major record label recordings.

Born and raised in Rhode Island, Donnie is well known for combining his lifelong roots in entertainment with his smooth mastery of blending hit music and classic party tracks (of all genres) LIKE NO WEDDING DJ you've ever heard before.


For over 30 years he's been a sought after entertainer and event producer who's helped coach many other DJ/Producers along the way.


Donnie’s work has extended to production and/or promotion for major international recording artists like Paula Abdul, Christina Aquilera, Stevie B., Backstreet Boys, Beyoncé, Mary J. Blige, Blondie, C&C Music Factory, Eminem, Whitney Houston, Ja Rule, Kool & The Gang, LL Cool J, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Ricky Martin, N’Sync, Shannon, Jessica Simpson, Will Smith, Britney Spears, Jay-Z and many more!

Besides being a former Executive Producer and Remixer in the Music Industry... his radio mixshows have been broadcast and heard on over 100 American radio stations, from coast to coast.

As a former on-air personality, and veteran event host, Donnie merges his high energy, great stage presence, quick wit, comedic timing and above-average mic skills... with his ability to "read the room", to create a happy atmosphere or to even draw back and let the event itself be the star... which is a skill that only a veteran ENTERTAINER or natural born HOST can execute with ease.

On top of that... he's been the featured DJ at multiple Radio Industry, Music Industry and Professional DJ Industry conventions throughout his career. So if he’s good enough for the toughest of critics in his own field... then it’s safe to say that DONNIE BENNETT is a great choice to DJ and Host ANY EVENT or OCCASION that you can think of... ESPECIALLY if it's the most important day of your life: YOUR WEDDING DAY!!

But... he’s not alone...

When the need arises Donnie also works with a select team of local professionals to help enhance the atmosphere of your special event in every way possible. Working with Donnie means that you'll also have direct access to everything from lighting and video specialists to photographers, photo-booths, event decorators, dancers, comedians, bands and more!


No matter the type of event that you’re planning... the "RUNPVD" team at BENNETT ENTERTAINMENT will not only take your direction, but will also be able to take the reigns to ensure that your party is one you'll be happy to remember!!

To o quote the man himself... the mission for DJ Donnie Bennett and his entire team is straightforward and clear...

"We make EVERY event the MAIN EVENT!!"

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